Our new Supporter.

South Wales Police will be working with Chwarae Teg to deliver gender equality, starting with its own workforce, helping to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper, by championing gender equality in the workplace and becoming the latest Supporter of Chwarae Teg.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Sophie Howe welcomed the news saying:

I am delighted that we have become Chwarae Teg’s latest Supporter and I look forward to working closely with them.

“We want to be the best at understanding the people and communities we serve and so it’s important that our workforce is reflective of the communities of South Wales both in terms of the number of women police officers and staff, particularly at a senior level and in terms of the proportion of BME officers.

We have made great progress towards gender equality at the most senior level which is encouraging but overall we remain under-represented by female officers and we are working to increase representation above Inspector level, where women are particularly under-represented.

As a new Chwarae Teg Supporter, we hope our thematic review will be able to uncover some of the barriers to recruitment and progression and inform an action plan to improve our female representation.

This is an important part of our wider strategy to make our workforce more gender reflective and our involvement at the — International Association of Women Police conference — also provides us with an excellent opportunity to widen our research to female officers from other forces and countries.

We will be conducting a survey there to ask about existing barriers, including – for example, their promotion experiences, flexible working opportunities and organisational culture.”

Chwarae Teg’s Chief Executive Joy Kent added:

“We are really pleased that South Wales Police is the first force to show its genuine commitment to tackling gender imbalances in the workplace by joining our Supporter Programme. We’re really looking forward to working with them.”


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