Joy Kent is Chief Executive of Chwarae Teg, the charity working to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper.

As part of our Trustees Week series Joy shares her experiences as a trustee and gives some tips for those thinking of becoming one.

I’m really pleased to be asked to provide a blog as part of Trustees’ Week. It’s important that we have more women in charities at the board level, and that employers encourage and support their staff to become trustees.

Personally, I’ve held a number of trustee and board positions; my first was as a board member of my local housing association, the second was being a trustee of WCVA and I am still a director of WCVA Services.

I also hold a public appointment as an independent member of the Programme Monitoring Committee which oversees the use of European funding in Wales.

I hope that I’ve made a positive contribution to these organisations through these positions, and I urge other women and their employers to take the plunge!

There’s a growing and persuasive body of research that shows that gender balance in decision making has huge benefits for service and product design and delivery.

Women make up the majority of the population in Wales, but there are fewer women than men in positions in public life and this imbalance has to be redressed.

This is not just to be fair to women, but also to ensure that in our small country we develop and encourage the best talent, regardless of gender.

Article extract courtesy of WCVA.

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