I have great colleagues – they made my half century really special. I was hugely touched.

Since the big day, earlier this year – there have been other memorable landmarks and experiences, like the first meeting I attended where we were discussing the ageing population and realising I was now in the category we were talking about.

There are lots of negative news stories out there like the difficulty in finding a new job if you’re a woman over 50 but to be honest, there are quite a lot of great things too that I’m becoming aware of at this early stage in my life as an older person …

One of the issues that it seems I need to be aware of is that I’ll now become invisible.

I think what this is about is that I won’t see people who I think are like me represented in the media etc. To be honest, I didn’t feel they were there anyway.

Something else I’ve been told is that men won’t see me anymore because I’m not young and attractive.

I think this seriously underestimates a lot of men and or those it doesn’t – great – that solves that one then! For most of my life I didn’t feel I made the grade in this particular area anyway.

How many hours have I wasted worrying about whether I was sending confused messages? If this means I can stop taking the exam – that’s fine by me.

So if the offered roles of sexual being or bearer of children are now withdrawn I say yippee!

I can now get on with being me and doing what I think is important without worrying about other people’s expectations getting in the way.

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