At Chwarae Teg, the Wales we want by 2020, if not before, is one where women achieve and prosper.

Despite progress women continue to work below their potential in low paid, part time work and face a range of barriers to entering and progressing in the workplace.

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Two key goals of the Future Generations Bill are to make Wales a more equal nation and to make Wales more prosperous and innovative.

Ensuring that women can reach their full potential will help to achieve these goals benefiting women, families and the wider economy.

We think this can be achieved through 8 simple steps:

  1. Make Wales a world leader in modern workplace practices, building an agile Wales by encouraging employers to introduce modern workplace practices such as flexible and remote working and creating an environment in which innovative, modern workplaces can thrive
  1. Ensure that women are supported to progress by tackling the perception that part time work is less valuable than full time work, sharing best practice and case studies of successful senior level part time working, and tackling the problem of persistent low pay, making Wales a Living Wage nation
  1. Ensure that women have full access to training and skills and investigate the reasons that are preventing women who take-up in-work training from progressing in the workplace
  1. Support women who follow non-traditional career paths structurally and socially by:

  • collecting gender disaggregated data across the STEM sector and from schools and apprenticeship providers to inform policy
  • providing gender aware career support for young people and embedding gender specific training in all PGCE and Master of Education courses
  1. Ensure that women have access to infrastructure that supports them to work by:

  • investigating new models of childcare provision such as cooperatives and social enterprises
  • introducing multi-use discounts for part time workers across all public transport in Wales
  • making the roll out of high speed broadband to all regions of Wales a top priority
  1. Encourage women to set-up in business and close the gender start-up gap by:

  • embedding entrepreneurship into primary, secondary, further and higher education
  • investigating the effectiveness of micro-finance schemes
  • giving greater focus to the role of social enterprises in business advice and support as women are more likely to set up a business of this type
  1. Achieve equality of representation in public life and decision making by setting a target of 50% gender representation on boards of public bodies by 2020 and encouraging all political parties to take action to achieve greater gender balance among their candidates and elected officials
  1. Embed principles of co-production and community engagement in policy making at all levels

We can only build a Wales that is both equal and prosperous by supporting all members of society to reach their full potential.

These steps will enable women to overcome the barriers that prevent them from doing this and ensure that Wales becomes a nation that is fair and sustainable.