Businesses in Wales embrace equality and diversity in their workforces.

The Exemplar Employer Award is part of Chwarae Teg’s £12.5m European Social Fund and Welsh Government-funded Agile Nation project, and is designed to showcase businesses that have demonstrated best practice in their commitment towards creating equitable and flexible workplaces.

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Joy Kent, chief executive of Chwarae Teg: “We believe many employers in Wales are already meeting these standards and it’s important they are formally acknowledged for what they are doing.

“These are the employers who go above and beyond legal compliance to create flexible workplaces and provide equal opportunities, enabling all of their staff to develop and progress

“We believe these businesses already benefit because their practices allow them to tap in to the full pool of available talent, but they would benefit even more through others knowing what they are doing. That public recognition would help bring  additional business bonuses, including new customers and staff, and increased goodwill and loyalty from existing customers and staff.

The Exemplar Employer award helps to achieve that recognition and make them the employer and supplier of choice for many people,” she added.

To date 97 Welsh employers have been recognised as Exemplar Employers.

Working with employers to create modern workplaces that build and sustain success by harnessing everyone’s contribution is a key part of Chwarae Teg’s three-strand strategy.

The organisation’s vision of a Wales ‘where women achieve and prosper’ also involves working with individual women to broaden their career horizons and build confidence and skills, and working with influencers, educators and decision-makers to build a society that values, supports and benefits women and men equally.