DVLA becomes a Chwarae Teg Supporter and joins the charge on gender equality in the workplace!

DVLA Chief Executive Oliver Morley:

We are really pleased to be working with Chwarae Teg to help build up women’s confidence and skills in the workplace.

Women are already strongly represented in DVLA, which is great, but we can do even more. Through our partnership we will work to further break down barriers, giving more women the opportunity to apply for and take up senior management positions.

Tony Ackroyd. Operations and Customer Services Director – DVLA.

DVLA Finance Director Rachael Cunningham:

I was delighted to hear that Chwarae Teg will be working with us on this. Also, I’m really pleased to be taking on a trustee role with Chwarae Teg, which will help strengthen our links with them even further.

I started in DVLA as IT finance and commercial manager and worked my way up to become Finance Director.

I thoroughly enjoy working here and there are lots of opportunities here for our staff to develop, but we need to make sure that women are given the chance to progress as well as the right support to fulfil their potential.

I’m looking forward to seeing more and more women in the top roles at DVLA.

DVLA is a Chwarae Teg Supporter.

If you believe the world will be a better place when men and women are more equally represented across different sectors and at different tiers within organisations, join the charge by becoming a Supporter!


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