Agile Nation2 Career Development Programme is a unique opportunity for women to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to achieve all they want for themselves in their careers. We will work with you to develop the key team leading skills you need to succeed in the workplace, alongside building your confidence, motivation and aspiration to reach your full potential.

If you’re currently a team member at work, and aspire to take a step into managing and leading a team, or you have an eye on a promotion but feel you may not have the skills or confidence to go for it then Agile Nation 2 is for you. Our colleague Kath Foot is here to explain more about the programme and why it is time for YOU!

1. I haven’t studied in years, I’m worried about writing assignments

Kath: Many of our participants haven’t studied in years, if at all. You won’t have to write essays, they are what we call ‘reflective reviews’ where you mainly have to write about you and your experience at work, and nobody knows you better! We are always on hand to support individuals, and we tend to find once the first review is complete, the others become easier.

Programme Participant: At the age of 48 the thought of going ‘back to school’ was really daunting. However, Chwarae Teg provided detailed and invaluable resources to help me, including an assignment template and Hints and Tips. It was a lot easier than I thought.

2. I’m too old to think about my career developing

Kath: Everyone has different reasons to do the course and we work with women of all ages. Is it really too late to develop skills and confidence and understand your worth? You deserve this investment! You don’t need to have specific career goals in mind when your start because the Programme will help you become clearer in what you want.

Programme Participant: As I still have 18 years left of work before I can access my pension – I thought I’d like to explore new opportunities through up-skilling myself so that they may be enjoyable and challenging working years – and not just ones wishing my life away!

3. I’m too busy to commit

Kath: If something is important you will find the time to complete it. The Programme is designed for women living busy lives; yes it will demand your time but it is achievable. Consensus from our participants is that you just need to be organised – set time aside to complete the reviews, the outcomes are worth it. Also use the classroom time and workbooks, the more you do in the training sessions, the less you have to do at home.

Programme Participant: On reflection, the time away from office to focus on something just for me was actually brilliant! I really looked forward to the escape of study days and managed to squeeze in assignments into my busy life. It felt really good and quite an achievement to finish!

4. I don’t have the confidence to do something like this

Kath: One of my learners spent a year procrastinating whether she should do the Programme. She did not feel confident, she didn’t think she could do it, and used these as barriers to her self-development. After a year she bit the bullet and after completion she is a different person, so much more confident, so much happier, in a new role and earning £10,000 more than when she started. Her only regret is wishing she had found the confidence earlier.

Programme Participant: My Learning Development Partner was great at making everyone feel comfortable and ensured everyone was included. It was a very supportive environment to be in. I met a fantastic group of women with whom I will remain friends.

5. I’m going to feel like a fish out of water

Kath: For many it might have been a while since you have committed to anything like this (if at all) but It is a safe and encouraging environment, you are with like-minded people, the majority probably with the same concerns and fears, so you won’t be alone. It is such an empowering environment. The changes I have witnessed are incredible, which is why I love what we do here at Chwarae Teg.

Programme Participant: You will meet other women who feel exactly the same as you and you will connect with each other. It’s not just a free course, it can change your perspective on life!

Who can participate?

The Programme is fully funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government and is available to women who:

– Are currently employed and work or live in Wales

– Work in the private or third/voluntary sector (Public sector employees are not eligible)

– Current role is not funded by any other European programme

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to find out how the programme can benefit you: or 0300 365 0445