The Categories

Nominations are sought by and on behalf of women at all stages, and across all walks of life, who are proud of what they are achieving.

Champion of the Year

This flagship award, presented by Chwarae Teg’s very first Champion Supporter, chosen from the winners of each of the individual award categories – the person our delegates believe deserves to be the overall Champion from this amazing group of winners.

Leader of the Year

No matter which sector you look at, women are under-represented in leadership positions. This award celebrates women who have broken the mould and are leading by example. The winner will be someone who has not only been successful in her own right but has used the opportunities provided by the position she has reached to support other women in their career journeys.

Game Changer of the Year

Women’s sport doesn’t have the same profile as men’s and professional sportswomen are paid considerably less than their male counterparts, re-enforcing the gender pay gap. This award is to recognise the contribution women make to sport in Wales. This could be as an athlete, coach or in another role in which they have raised the visibility or increased the impact of women’s sport in Wales. The winner of this award will be a woman who either inspires other women into sport or who has supported others to achieve in their sports careers.

Woman in the Creative Sector

The creative sector is increasingly important to the Welsh economy and has a number of great women role models leading key organisations at its heart and the heart of Welsh culture. This award will be given to a woman who personifies the best of the sector, promotes it and Wales to the outside world and supports and encourages other women to play a central role within it.

Rising Star

Sometimes you need to have a long career under your belt to be recognised – not for this award! We want to celebrate the young women coming through in different roles and sectors who show great promise for the future. The winner of this award will be a woman who has entered the workplace in the last 5 years, has already achieved success and who has demonstrated real potential.

Community Activist of the Year

There are many examples of women who have contributed hugely to our communities – particularly at times of crisis or challenge. The purpose of this award is to bring to our attention those women who have done just this but have gone unrecognised. The winner will be an unsung hero – someone who tends to hide from the limelight but whose community recognise their contribution and wants to celebrate them with a wider audience.

Woman in the Rural Economy

Wales is a predominantly rural country and women living and working in rural areas face particular barriers to achieving their goals. This award raises awareness of these issues and recognises the work people do to help women in rural areas reach their potential. The winning nominee will clearly show the challenges faced by women in rural communities and their success in overcoming them.

Woman in Business/Enterprise

Fewer women start businesses than men and the average income of a self-employed woman is currently around £10,000. This award celebrates those women who have bucked the trend and set up successful businesses with real growth potential. The winning nomination will demonstrate success in building a business and promoting or supporting other women in business in Wales.


The number of women studying or working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) remains stubbornly low. This award will recognise the women currently working in STEM who are strong role models and pioneering STEM as a study or career path. The winner will be a woman who has excelled in either an education or career in STEM and used her experience and influence to promote STEM to other women/girls as a career of choice.

Woman in Education

Education is the corner stone to tackling gender stereotyping to ensure boys and girls, women and men are given the opportunity to use their individual skills and abilities when making subject and career choices. This award highlights the work being carried out by a woman in education in schools, FE or HE to ensure everyone has the broadest opportunities possible . The winner will demonstrate how she has done this within her school, college or university and the results it has achieved for her students.

Learner of the Year

Sometimes events in life prevent us from making the most of our school experience and it’s not until later on that we find that we’re brighter than we think we are! This award celebrates those women who have re-entered learning and/or education and made the most of it – not only excelling themselves but supporting and encouraging other women to make the most of their potential too.

In addition to celebrating the incredible achievements of these amazing women, we will also acknowledge and celebrate…

Man of the Year

Gender equality is good for everyone in society and many men recognise this and actively contribute to achieving it. This award recognises the contribution men make to achieving a more gender balanced society in Wales. The winner will be someone who has used his influence in the sphere he works in to help women achieve and prosper.

Employer of the Year

Smart organisations – whether in the third, public or private sector – recognise that they achieve more by making the most of everyone’s skills and abilities. This award raises awareness of those employers that are doing their best to enable women to achieve and prosper and contribute fully to the success of the organisation. Chwarae Teg’s ‘Employer of the year’ will demonstrate real commitment to supporting women in the workforce to contribute fully and demonstrate tangible results for the organisation.