We have invited our 2016 Womenspire Award Winners to reflect on their success. Beth Fisher won our “Woman in Sport” Award last, here is her story…


Beth Fisher

Winner of Woman in Sport

Last year I was the proud winner of the Chwarae Teg Womenspire Women in Sport Award for my work in sport and LGB&T awareness.


I brought my youngest sister along with me and we had the most amazing evening celebrating other women’s success in all different types of sectors. The format of the evening was one of the best awards evening I have been to and we enjoyed speaking to a host of different people who were there for one reason only; to celebrate women and their success. bf-quotes-and-portrait-png3

There were a lot of cheers and tears during the awards and then it was time for the announcement of the Women in Sport award. I have to say I felt extremely nervous because I wanted to win it for the LGB&T Sport Cymru team and all the work we had done. When my name was called out I felt very emotional and proud because our work had been recognised.

We both left the evening feeling elated at being part of such a special event and my youngest sister who was with me has since joined the choir timg_5594hat was performing on the night! Now that’s inspiring!  

Why Beth Fisher Won the Award

Winning an individual award is a funny feeling when you involved in a team sport. To be frank I felt embarrassed about even being nominated. I wasn’t going to go to the awards evening because I felt like I shouldn’t be potentially winning an award when there are a whole host of people who do the same, or even more, amount of volunteer work.

But then I realised that this wasn’t about me. I am an ambassador for LGB&T Sport Cymru for mainly one reason; 75,000 young people get bullied each year for being LGB&T and 21,000 of them try to commit suicide. This is a stat that shouldn’t be around in 2017. Growing up, the hockey pitch was my sanctuary and it helped me build confidence to be the real me. I have always said if I can help one little girl or boy feel ok about being LGB&T then I have done my job. This nomination was for them.bf-quotes-and-portrait-png2

What has happened since the Awards?

Since the award I have continued my ambassadorial roles for LGB&T Sport Cymru, Sport Wales & the Youth Sport Trust. I have also started work as a freelance journalist for BBC Wales Sport hoping I can represent women and minority sports – all on top of my full time job as a Commercial Manager for a medical company!

I am more motivated than ever to help young people achieve their full potential through sport and physical activity. Every young person, no matter which gender, sexuality or religion, shouldn’t face any barriers in achieving their dreams and I truly believe sport & physical activity can help open doors for all of them.