Womenspire 2017: Domino’s Pizza Employer of the Year Sponsor

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We are delighted to announce that Domino’s Pizza, the world’s leading pizza delivery company, have become our sponsor for the Womenspire ‘Employer of the Year’ award.

Q1. Who are you?

Shayban Al-Ibrahim, Regional Franchisee, Domino’s Pizza. The Wales, North West and South West England franchise of Domino’s Pizza has grown to be one of the biggest food industry employers in these areas. It now has over 1200 employees across 29 branches, providing excellent service for the take away industry.

Q2. Why are you supporting the awards? Why does gender equality matter to you?

I don’t look at colour, gender, background or ethnicity. I simply chose who is the best person for the job.
For 17 years Domino’s Pizza has supported employment and training in the community and is passionate about equality and diversity in the workplace. The Regional Franchisee Shayban Al-Ibrahim is a strong ambassador ensuring that employees are treated fairly, respectfully and that staff have the opportunities to achieve their own individual personal development. Across all its branches, Domino’s Pizza is a leader in giving young people the opportunity to develop key personal and employment skills that they can use to progress internally within the company or use to grow in themselves in other careers. Domino’s Pizza prides themselves on giving those who may not have educational opportunities the chance to succeed through the catering industry. We take pride in ourselves that we offer employment to all genders across all our positions – catering, drivers, administration etc. We carry out internal training and deliver qualifications with relevant certification for employees personal development.

Q3. What is the link with Chwarae Teg? Supporter, friend, etc?

I am a supporter. Womenspire is important to Domino’s Pizza as equality and diversity is part of the company’s beliefs and DNA. It believes that everyone should have the same opportunities and same positioning no matter what gender, race or beliefs. The best person should be for the best job, and we want our staff to be the best and grow with us. In our head office we have 70% women – those people just happen to be the best people at their jobs.

Womenspire 2017 is set to be a fantastic evening that celebrates women and businesses from across Wales who are driving forward change for a more equal Wales.


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