Ceramic Artist Liz Lawrence gives an insight into the ‘making-of’.

Womenspire Awards 2016. We visited Liz to learn more about her unique ceramic works of art. From the tranquility of her garden-studio, we suddenly appreciated why she chose the theme of Waves for the design of the awards.

Clip. Kate Griffiths won the Rising Star Award.

The final design for the 2016 Womenspire Awards is an uplifting shape which aspires to emulate and celebrate the high achievement attained by the Award Winners.

“Porcelain, the sea, and waves.”

Liz explained…

— “After a short discussion with Chwarae Teg, it was decided that the design should be based on a shape from my recent Wave Series.

These are a group of ceramic sculptures that took inspiration from the energy of the sea, and of the movement of waves in particular.

Born on the south coast within a stones-throw of the water, with naval heritage on both sides of my family, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that the sea has held a fascination for me since childhood.

Many artists find the constant, powerful, unpredictable energy of the sea inspirational.

Porcelain can be a challenging material – at best, throwing with porcelain can be like dancing with silk — at worst (as with the sea) it can be dangerous and unforgiving.”

The porcelain itself will often help determine the decision making process and the artist is wise to heed its voice – intuitive working is the key!

Liz’s photo highlights.

It was thrilling to sit in the audience and watch each award appear from the wings of the stage, held firmly by the assistant before being passed to each presenter with the envelope containing the winner’s name.

Then to see the awards being waved triumphantly on high by their recipients – a parent could not have been prouder. ~ Liz Lawrence.

To learn more about Liz’s Ceramic Art, visit lizlawrence.co.uk.