The latest! 2016 Womenspire Awards!

These awards will celebrate the amazing achievements being made by women across Wales.

They include a wide range of categories to ensure that the winners will be reflective of the amazing achievements being made by women from all walks of life.

We’re passionate to ensure that Womenspire will be the must attend award event in 2016 and we hope you’ll become a part of the awards too!

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New annual event to celebrate and inspire women in Wales ~ Womenspire Awards ~

Chwarae Teg CEO Joy Kent:

“There are so many women and organisations in Wales doing great things but it’s been some years now since there has been an event recognising and celebrating these achievements all together.

“It’s important to increase the visibility of women’s achievements and contributions to Welsh life so that others will be inspired to follow suit. We think the saying, you can’t be what you can’t see has a lot of truth in it.

“But these awards are not for those women who have reached the top of their sector or career but for those who traditionally have gone unnoticed, younger women coming through, women from different backgrounds and those who are doing great things in their communities or in public life.”

We want Womenspire to celebrate all of these achievements as well as the women, men and organisations that are committed to creating more opportunities and making the most of women’s talent.

“We hope the awards will become the annual major showcase of the contribution of women to all spheres of Welsh life.

“We are planning an exciting and inspiring celebration that will break with the traditional awards dinner model and we’re really excited about what we’re planning.”

Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister, Lesley Griffiths, welcomed the new national honours programme, saying:

The huge contribution women make to Welsh life can often go unnoticed so I welcome this new honours programme which celebrates the achievements of women in Wales.

“It is vitally important we take every opportunity to recognise the talent, commitment and successes of all Women in Welsh society as well as recognising those women who inspire and support others around them.”