Big things make a difference but small things can too!

At the moment here at Chwarae Teg we’re busy working on lots of BIG things – setting-up our new European Social Fund and Welsh Government funded Agile Nation 2 project, developing a new CRM system[ ? ], over hauling our ICT infrastructure, reviewing lots of processes.

All of this is truly valuable work and will help us to help even more women in Wales to achieve and prosper.

However, we believe it’s important to remember the importance of doing small things too. These are the quick and easy things we can all do to help ensure we’re always doing our best to help women achieve and prosper.

You may be wondering, what does a small thing look like?

We did too, so we asked our team to think about one small thing they could do and comfortably fit into their busy schedules and below is the list of the small things we’re doing to help women achieve and prosper.

If like us you’re passionate about helping Wales become a society of true gender equality please feel free to join us and do one small thing too!

Of course you can do lots of small things whenever you feel like it – in many ways it really is just about putting in place a positive mind set to drive forward gender equality at every given opportunity.

The really good news is, One Small Thing   can be fun, creative, innovative, quick, free and fun.

We know the drive for gender equality is serious but there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy getting there.

If you think about it the more fun we have doing One Small Thing the more people are likely to sit-up take notice and start doing One Small Thing too!

We’ll be sharing our One Small Things on Twitter using #OneSmallThing and hope to encourage anyone who want to help build a Wales where women achieve and prosper to do One Small Thing too.

Here are our One Small Things:

List of 34…

Join Facebook groups and explain gender equality and the gender pay gap in simple terms.

Continue to share information about Chwarae Teg’s new project on social media with my contacts and groups.

Encourage the updating of CVs and how they can be used to achieve career progress.

Pass on the tips learnt in LinkedIn training to my step-mum who wants to develop more as she’s becoming self-employed.

Circulate Board vacancies to our database and friends.

Make an effort to chat to my rugby playing friends who have some strong views on what their sons can and can’t do as boys. Help them to question their beliefs to generate positive thinking.

Help my self-employed mum with her accounts.

Talk to the mums in the playground about our new project instead of standing on my own.

Follow-up one new contact.

Adopt a more positive sense of my own achievement and remind myself of this everyday – the small things make a difference!

Make sure I put at least one new article on LinkedIn.

Put myself forward to be the women’s officer of my local Labour party executive committee.

Write a blog post.

I will Tweet about gender equality and Chwarae Teg’s services more often.

Tell my choir about Chwarae Teg and the new website, to help spread the word about the work we do.

Accept an invitation to tea with some second year Cardiff University Chemistry students who want to know more about gender equality.

Put a call into the Cardiff Blues to ask if they could take down the “girly” poster from behind the players bar.

I will talk to the people attending the Chwarae Teg Milkshake events about all the other ways we help women in Wales achieve and prosper.

Share on social media our New Website – to ensure all my contacts get the message!

Make an effort to give lots of positive feedback to all my colleagues who are all working so hard at the moment. To keep the momentum going and show them I recognise they are all as busy as me.

Write a piece for LinkedIn about women’s skills being under-utilised with a link to Agile Nation 2 – I have over 500 connections!

Give the Improve leaflet to a lovely lady who works part-time in the Co-Op and is doing a food degree, but is looking for jobs in other sectors.

Help my daughter achieve in her own life by helping arrange a mentor from Grŵp ( Group ).

Show people how to structure and code a website.

Spend more time and energy researching existing ( and new ) technology and products. This will help assist and facilitate the increased ( and on-going ) success of Chwarae Teg through communication and system improvements.

To ring a friend and give them support to deal with gender biased colleagues.

Encourage someone new to come open water swimming.

Help my sister with her college work!

Share my banking and mortgage experience on Mumsnet or equivalent sites.

I will promote gender equality to every new person I come in contact with next week.

Tweet Board and job vacancies.

Promote Chwarae Teg’s services as part of every phone call I make or receive next week.

Meeting with old friends and contacts I will ask them to spread the word about Agile Nation 2.

Every time I go into a shop with newspapers I’ll put another newspaper or magazine to cover up any with front page that projects a negative headline or image about women!

Phew. . . that’s quite a list of Small Things!

We hope you feel inspired to have a think about your One Small Thing and let us know @ womenspire what your One Small Thing to help women achieve and prosper will be.